bmyronMy name is Bruce and, as One Click Programming, I have been creating custom databases for small and medium sized business in the Portland, Oregon area for more than 20 years.  I have helped countless companies migrate their data from Excel into Access and have seen just about every problem out there.  Many of those companies came to me after being told online that importing their Excel data into Access would be easy to do.  That was rarely the case and they ended up spending hours on frustrating conversion problems.

Not only that but, once they DID get all their data converted, they found that they didn’t know what to do next!  How should these new Access tables be structured and, once you decide on structures, how do you get the imported data into them.  This is the hidden trap of converting to Access.  You have to know a fair amount about Access BEFORE you attempt importing your data from Excel.

This is why I have created courses on Udemy that will lead you through all the learning you need.  AND these classes will not bog you down with anything you don’t need to know to get started.  I have seen way too many courses where too many of features of Access are presented without addressing HOW these capabilities can be used in a business.

Going through the work of learning Access and importing your Excel data is well worth the time.  In fact, for most businesses, it is one of the BEST POSSIBLE uses of their time because, once you are set up, the benefits of using (and being able to change) your system NEVER STOP!

I urge you to check out the videos on this site and contact me if you have any questions.