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Excel to Access: Intro to Access for Excel Users – Just $9.99!

This course will benefit anyone from the brand new Access user to the experienced VBA programmer.  Yes, even for those who already are programming, I have seen too many people who have gaps in their learning that cost them a great deal of time.  Many of the topics covered in this course are not in any of the other courses, like several detailed lectures on unique value, total and action queries.

From One of the More than 700 Student Reviews:

An excellent course given by someone who, I can tell, has years of experience. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn to have above average skills with MS Access. – Steve Cook

By the time you have finished the course you will have done so much with Access and it will be so familiar that you will be ready to tackle your own data tasks immediately, putting your new learned skills into practical use and impressing your boss and coworkers.

From another Student Review:

Excellent course. Very methodical & structured and easy to follow with numerous actual working examples to download & practice on. This course is a great investment, it saves hours of trawling the internet for random articles on the various different aspects of Access. – Cliff Sangster

Normally priced at $199, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $9.99!

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Microsoft Access VBA for Non Programmers-Learn VBA Now– JUST $9.99!
VBA, the Visual Basic programming language built into Access, is so integrated with Access itself that it is often HARDER to do something without VBA than with it.  For people who have never considered programming, learning VBA could be a life changing revelation that will forever make Access easier to use.

From a Student Review:

“I’m just at Section 5 and I’m blown away! Can’t wait to get started in my project. I love the way you explain everything and it’s at a good pace. This is exactly what I needed.” – Darlene Exkert

In this course you will learn all the Access VBA programming concepts, tools and functions that you will need as you build a fully functional system! I take the time to give you a solid foundation in the basic concepts of VBA and how to resolve problems that typically come up.

From another Student Review:

I absolutely love this course! I have been programming for about 15 years or so and I still learn something new with each lesson! – William Mello

There is a HUGE need in the marketplace for people who can create systems like this in Access. This is your opportunity to break away from the pack of people who struggle to create effective Access databases, and learn to easily automate tasks! This could be your shortest path to increasing your income!

Normally priced at $199, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $9.99!

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Microsoft Access: Networking Made Simple– JUST $10!

If you have used Access but wonder what the best way is to setup Access on a network, this course is for you! Every step starting from a single database to a complete front end/back end network environment is shown in detail.

I have spent many years working with businesses with multi-user networks and these are the methods I have developed to help me get the most done in a minimum of time!

From a Student Review:

“Absolutely amazing, like all courses from Bruce. Thank you for all the effort to make this stuff! It’s invaluable for me!” – Grzegorz Kania

Although knowledge of VBA is not required, this course shows you how to create several programs in VBA. You don’t need to understand VBA to just follow along and create the subroutines and functions for the course. Plus databases with finished VBA programs are provided for download.

From another Student Review:

I was very impressed by the way that Bruce explains the programming as plain English! Totally got it very easy and fast! – Kiril Yanev

Why suffer through network headaches? I will show you how to avoid them completely!

Normally priced at $199, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $9.99!

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