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Excel to Access: Intro to Access for Excel Users – Just $18!

XL2ACC18This course will benefit anyone from the brand new Access user to the experienced VBA programmer.  Yes, even for those who already are programming, I have seen too many people who have gaps in their learning that cost them a great deal of time.  Many of the topics covered in this course are not in any of the other courses, like several detailed lectures on unique value, total and action queries.

From a Student Review:

“I have been struggling with Access for many years. This course has finally helped me overcome the barriers.” – Dirk van Dijl

By the time you have finished the course you will have done so much with Access and it will be so familiar that you will be ready to tackle your own data tasks immediately, putting your new learned skills into practical use and impressing your boss and coworkers.

Normally priced at $30, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $18!

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Access to Excel- Instant Excel Reports & Excel Pivot Tables – JUST $12!

Acc2XL12No matter what you do with Access, there will often be a need to provide reports based on Excel.  Managers know and love Excel and many will insist on getting their reports as Excel files.  This course shows you how to link Access to Excel so you can run a query within Access and have it instantly update an Excel report.

From a Student Review: 

“The videos are high quality, the sound is clear, the directions are easy to understand.  This is a great course for anybody looking to add to their skill set and take their career to the next level. Bruce does an amazing job covering the basics within a few lessons, and then he actually walks you through the process step by step so you can do the same on your end.” – Aamir Bhatti

Using the techniques from this course will save you hours of time every time you create your reports!

Normally priced at $20, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $12!

Coupon Code:  Y12

Access to Excel to Outlook: Email Excel & Access PDF Reports – JUST $12!

AccXLOL12This course is the hidden gem in the entire series.  Even if you have not taken the VBA course and know nothing about VBA, this course will show you how to take the database from the Access to Excel course and completely automate the update process using VBA.  Not only that, but it will then open Outlook and email the Excel file as an attachment.  And now there is a new section showing you how to prep and email a PDF version of a report from a button on the report itself!

From a Student Review: 

“Exact content I need to finish my new project. The Instructor is very clear and detailed, the video is easy to read and files with code are provided for our use. And now I understand how to email from Access. Thanks!” – Tonie Salzano

Even for someone who has never used VBA, every step is explained fully to the point that I would recommend taking this course BEFORE the VBA course, since it will show you how just a few lines of programming can accomplish an amazing amount of work!

Normally priced at $20, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $12!

Coupon Code:  Y12

Microsoft Access VBA for Non Programmers-Learn VBA Now– JUST $18!
VBA118VBA, the Visual Basic programming language built into Access, is so integrated with Access itself that it is often HARDER to do something without VBA than with it.  For people who have never considered programming, learning VBA could be a life changing revelation that will forever make Access easier to use.

From a Student Review:

“I’m just at Section 5 and I’m blown away! Can’t wait to get started in my project. I love the way you explain everything and it’s at a good pace. This is exactly what I needed.” – Darlene Exkert

In this course you will learn all the Access VBA programming concepts, tools and functions that you will need as you build a fully functional system! I take the time to give you a solid foundation in the basic concepts of VBA and how to resolve problems that typically come up.

There is a HUGE need in the marketplace for people who can create systems like this in Access. This is your opportunity to break away from the pack of people who struggle to create effective Access databases, and learn to easily automate tasks! This could be your shortest path to increasing your income!

Normally priced at $30, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $18!

Coupon Code:  Y18

Microsoft Access: Networking Made Simple– JUST $12!

NW112If you have used Access but wonder what the best way is to setup Access on a network, this course is for you! Every step starting from a single database to a complete front end/back end network environment is shown in detail.

I have spent many years working with businesses with multi-user networks and these are the methods I have developed to help me get the most done in a minimum of time!

From a Student Review:

“Absolutely amazing, like all courses from Bruce. Thank you for all the effort to make this stuff! It’s invaluable for me!” – Grzegorz Kania

Why suffer through network headaches? I will show you how to avoid them completely!

Normally priced at $20, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $12!

Coupon Code:  Y12

Access VBA Intermediate: Power Search & Word or Excel Export– JUST $18!

VBA218Take your basic knowledge of Access VBA to an entirely new level!  You’ve built many useful VBA programs in my first Visual Basic course, but this is your opportunity to work with a FULLY FUNCTIONING SYSTEM ready to install RIGHT NOW!

Once you have been exposed to Access VBA a logical next question is “What could I create with VBA?”. This course will give you an answer to that question by providing you with a finished system that you can start using right away.

From a Student Review:

“The content is really excellent, and comprehensive. The content has really brought to light many techniques that I am finding extremely useful! Many thanks, Bruce.” – Ray McConaghy

Rather than lead you through building parts of databases, this course examines the workings of this finished database that I have used in my consulting business for years.

Normally priced at $30, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $18!

Coupon Code:  Y18

Access VBA Advanced: Power Search with Subforms– JUST $24!

VBA324You’ve been shown many VBA techniques in my other courses and even a complete system in the Intermediate course, but this is much more than that!

By adding subforms, this FULLY FUNCTIONING SYSTEM is ready to use RIGHT NOW as a demo to solicit business or impress your boss. The system is much more flexible and could easily be used to quickly create powerful custom systems.

Believe me, when a business owner or boss takes a look at this demo, they will be more than impressed! They will be ready to HIRE YOU to do the job!

From a Student Review:

“This course contains not only valuable walk through and explanation of the inner workings of the search functions, but also contains a great deal of valuable and usable code. I recommend it for anyone that has a moderate amount of knowledge of VBA.” – Amanda Howard 

So take what you learned in the Intermediate Access VBA Course to a level that is probably far beyond what you thought was possible. This course takes the Prototype System introduced in the Intermediate VBA course to a much higher level by adding the ability to incorporate unlimited subforms!

Normally priced at $40, CLICK HERE to get this course now for just $24!

Coupon Code:  Y24