A College Degree in Three Months for $100?

WaitForPhoneSMIn this economy, most people who go to college are hoping to use their education to enhance their worth in the job marketplace – to be able to earn more than they would without the degree. The problem many are running into is that the job market is getting more competitive all the time and there are fewer and fewer well paying jobs.

To compound things, the cost of a college education has gotten ridiculous and most people graduate with thousands in student loans. Unfortunately one third of those graduates end up in jobs that did not require a college degree in the first place, and it will take them years to pay off those loans.

But what if you found a college that only cost about $100 and took about three months to graduate? Would you be interested? Even if you had to study pretty hard during that three months, would you still be interested?

Well it isn’t really a college degree program, it just pays like one. I took this “program” more than 20 years ago and have made at least $60,000 annually using it every year since then.

What I’m talking about is the effect on your worklife from learning Microsoft Access and how it works with Excel. The courses are all right here and there is a coupon for the first course that is ONLY $10!

It would probably take you a month of work in your extra time to really go through that ten hour course and really learn everything that there. You would need to practice. From there you could take another course in linking to Excel in probably a week. Then a third course in using VBA (the Visual Basic programming language) to automate the steps in the second course and be able to prepare and email Excel sheets in just a few seconds.

Once you have done all that, the next step is to take my eight hour programming course: Access VBA for Non-Programmers. You will probably be surprised how much power there is in this program and how it is really not that hard to learn.

When you have done all that, you will be in your third month. At that point you should start looking for things in your current job to automate. Even if you work in a retail store, the boss still has monthly reports that probably take hours to do with Excel.

Volunteer to make a database out of them and you will be on your way. You will quickly become one of the most valuable employees in your workplace and other people will ask you to “help” them with their jobs. When I did this, I ended up totally doing the work of my old job plus two other people in only about 20 hours per week.

That is when I quit. I went out on my own and made the company I used to work for my first client. Since then there have been hundreds of clients, and I will have a course soon that will explain all the details.

But, in the meantime, you really should get started. The choice is yours. Go to college for two or four (or more) years and rack up 20 to 50 thousand in student loans OR take some of your spare time over the next three months and about $100 or less and start making more money almost right away!

Join the Revolution!

SuccessKidThere was a time when computers were too slow and capacity was limited. Software was limited too: it seemed like you could spend a long time learning a program only to find out that, just when you needed it to add some feature to a report, the program just didn’t have that capability.

Things are not that way anymore.

The only way the computer industry knows how to sell computers is to promise you MORE. More speed, more capacity until we all have more of both than we need. Sometime during the past ten years the computer power most people need was exceeded by the typical computer, yet the industry keeps adding more.

On the software side, the acknowledged way to sell is to add features and they have, almost to the point of being ridiculous.

So why aren’t we all happy with our computer systems?

Two reasons, really. First, most people don’t know how far we’ve come and what is available in both computers and software. Second, the “feature rich” software seems too complex to learn.

So we continue using software like Excel (since its easy), but only at about 10% of its capability. What most companies NEVER use is Access because everyone knows it takes way too long to learn and is just too complex.

I disagree.

I’ve spent more than 20 years building software systems for businesses and I am here to tell you…its never been as good as it is right now.

The major stumbling block to using Access in your business has been removed with the availability of low cost online courses. These courses can be taken anywhere and remember exactly where you left off when you take a break or stop for the day.

I have developed SEVEN courses so far that will take you or your employee through everything they need to know to start taking time back by automating complex spreadsheet processes. The best part about it is that two of the classes show you how to generate reports in Excel from Access with a couple mouse clicks!

Course One: Intro to Access for Excel Users
Course Two: Access to Excel: Export reports to Excel
Course Three: Access to Excel to Outlook: Email Excel Reports
Course Four: Access Networking Made Easy
Course Five: Access VBA: Learn Access Programming
Course Six: Access VBA Intermediate: Power Search & Word/Excel Export
Course Seven: Access VBA Advanced: Power Search with Subforms

Many people just take the first course, but you can progress into the others at any time. The Intro course has been created so anyone, even those with no prior experience with Access (or even Excel) can quickly learn the material.

Take a minute and click on some of the links on the Access/Excel Courses page on this site to see several free preview lectures and see the table of contents of the course. Read some of the reviews left by others that have taken the courses. I think you will find that this could be give you a way to quickly give your business or career a boost!

Are You a Spreadsheet Slave?

SpreadsheetSlaveI see it everywhere, in just about every business I visit. Employees know how to work with Excel, but not Access. They start out simply enough, by just creating simple reports, but then it happens.

Things start to get more complicated. The simple Excel report has to do more so they add features, more steps to create the report.

Before long what started out as a simple report has become a two or three hour process that only one person in the office knows how to do. Since they don’t know how to automate the process they have to do it by hand every time.

What most people don’t realize is that the report is STILL very limited. The focus on getting the report out for the week or the month or whatever time period it is for means that the data can’t be used for any other time period.

Its great to have a monthly payroll report, but can you quickly look at that report, but just for one employee and for the entire year? Can you quickly compare this month to the same month last year?

So not only is the employee a spreadsheet slave, but the results are of limited help to the business. The reports take so much time that there is no time to really analyze what they are saying and dive deeper into the data through more reports that show more detail or more comparisons.

All these problems go away with Access. This program allows you to automate this process and knock a mutli-hour process down to a few seconds. Not only that, but you will find that Access can hold ALL your data in one place!

Doing a payroll report? Access can have ONE payroll table with every entry for the past ten years. All you need to do is select what dates you want and it will pull the data and format it into the report – instantly.

So why don’t most businesses use Access? First off, there is no one showing them the potential benefits and second, there is not a practical way to train the employees.

I believe my courses solve both problems. View the video on this website and you will see an example of how Access can automate tasks. Take the course and, before you know it, you will be producing reports in seconds, not hours!