Are You a Spreadsheet Slave?

SpreadsheetSlaveI see it everywhere, in just about every business I visit. Employees know how to work with Excel, but not Access. They start out simply enough, by just creating simple reports, but then it happens.

Things start to get more complicated. The simple Excel report has to do more so they add features, more steps to create the report.

Before long what started out as a simple report has become a two or three hour process that only one person in the office knows how to do. Since they don’t know how to automate the process they have to do it by hand every time.

What most people don’t realize is that the report is STILL very limited. The focus on getting the report out for the week or the month or whatever time period it is for means that the data can’t be used for any other time period.

Its great to have a monthly payroll report, but can you quickly look at that report, but just for one employee and for the entire year? Can you quickly compare this month to the same month last year?

So not only is the employee a spreadsheet slave, but the results are of limited help to the business. The reports take so much time that there is no time to really analyze what they are saying and dive deeper into the data through more reports that show more detail or more comparisons.

All these problems go away with Access. This program allows you to automate this process and knock a mutli-hour process down to a few seconds. Not only that, but you will find that Access can hold ALL your data in one place!

Doing a payroll report? Access can have ONE payroll table with every entry for the past ten years. All you need to do is select what dates you want and it will pull the data and format it into the report – instantly.

So why don’t most businesses use Access? First off, there is no one showing them the potential benefits and second, there is not a practical way to train the employees.

I believe my courses solve both problems. View the video on this website and you will see an example of how Access can automate tasks. Take the course and, before you know it, you will be producing reports in seconds, not hours!